University of Georgia Skidaway Aquarium

educating and inspiring aquarium visitors

Permanent installation captures the vibrancy of the Georgia Coast

Visitors to the University of Georgia’s Skidaway Aquarium are greeted by this striking installation at the  Aquarium’s entrance. We designed these 52″ x 20″ banners to capture a sense of place and convey the beauty and diversity of coastal Georgia ecologies. The installation showcases four Low Country ecologies: salt marshes, maritime forests, estuaries, and the open ocean. For each illustration, we spent months researching, conducting field studies, and creating preparatory drawings. We worked closely with the Aquarium’s staff biologists to ensure accuracy.

Both in its placement and size, this installation creates a strong visual impact. It is the Aquarium’s first and last messaging to its visitors. The watercolor illustrations are designed to educate Aquarium visitors about remarkable local ecologies. Our shared goal is to inspire the next generation of coastal stewards.