What we do

At Luna, we love helping people connect and succeed. Helping our clients create meaningful, memorable connections is at the heart of everything we do. Our core services–strategy, design, data visualization, and illustration–are all designed to inform, to inspire, and to delight.



Reach your audience with creative marketing, outreach, and content-driven engagement. Services include benchmarking your communication and marketing presence against the competition, a comprehensive evaluation of your marketing material and messages, and recommendations for increasing your reach.



Luna Creative takes a holistic approach to your design needs. Informed by over a decade of experience and substantial leadership in the design field, we’ll work with you to identify opportunities to engage your audience with smart, memorable touch points and stand out in your field.



An increasingly important visual communication strategy, data visualization allows you to tell complicated stories with compelling, easily-digestible visuals that clearly communicate. Not surprisingly, people are 7 times more likely to remember information presented visually!



From simple spot drawings to in-depth illustrations of complex processes, systems, or ecologies, Luna Creative offers an expressive style of illustrations. All of our illustrations are inspired by a profound engagement with the subject and are informed by in-depth research.

thank you!

“Cordelia did an outstanding job for Aldis, innovating, designing and executing a marketing & corporate branding program. Cordelia created concepts and took them through to final design in print collaterial, multi-media presentations and on the company’s website. She is hardworking, detail-orientated, and very creative.”

Bill Malkes
Founder and Principal, Aldis (now GRIDSMART)

Who we work with

We partner with smart, thoughtful people working to make the world better through innovation, education, and outreach. Our clients include non-profits, scientific and technical organizations, clean energy companies and software companies.